"Dreamy times a million"

L Park -

“Listening to this is like wrapping up in a navajo blanket and laying under the big Texas desert stars with your lover.”
"Drony, dreamy shoegaze"

“Like Lonely Dear and Low wrestling Lightspeed Champion, Idaho, and Wye Oak"
Jack Rabid – Big Takeover Magazine

"Spacious psychedelia, a burbling, drifting form of dream pop with a big-sky Texas twist. The band represents another branch on Austin’s cosmic cowboy family tree.”

“Expansive, shoegazey psych-pop waves, providing the perfect soundtrack for the vibe you get as you lay back and absorb a star-filled Texas sky… warm and shimmering in what I can only describe as the colors of bliss.”

 “Like listening to Band of Horses underwater… must be similar to that euphoric high portrayed in Tarantino films.“

"Pushes the experimental envelope a bit further than most ambient, gaze-y indie rock without losing that approachable southern charm."

“Highly recommended for anyone whose been petitioning for a Grandaddy reunion and those of you who love My Morning Jacket’s until they threaten to morph into Pink Floyd.”

“It is grand, anthemic, and huge at times. Gorgeous melodies and the golden-throated drawl of Ross Gilfillan seems to coax them right out of the moonlight sky.”

“You can feel the warmth of the Texan sun seep through”

“This band is for fans of early My Morning Jacket (especially on “Maria“), but this Austin based five-piece have put together an absolutely gorgeous debut EP... We’re smitten.”

“A mesmerizing haze of lazy, sprawling psychedelia is maddeningly deliberate and highly addictive.”

"A gorgeous exploration of dreamy southern rock that calls to mind barefoot summer nights in your best friend's back yard, laying on a quilt that your grandmother made, looking up at the stars with a mason jar full of homemade booze."

"Bringing The Shins sounding goodness out of Austin TX, while peppering in early My Morning Jacket influence to keep it southern for y'all."

“passionate indie-rock songs in the vein of early My Morning Jacket

“A kind of dream-pop/shoegaze hybrid… The lead singer sounds like a hybrid himself, mixing the best parts of Damien Jurado and Jim James together.

“Like My Morning Jacket with the spaciness of Band of Horses.  It’s great to say the least.

"#1 New Artist in 2011"
Indie Darkroom Magazine

"Great ambient psychedelic troupe from the lone star state."

Top Ten Locals to Watch in 2011”
Austin Powell - The Austin Chronicle

“These are tripped out rock jams that everyone can enjoy.”

“Each track is just wall-to-wall pleasantries of sound.”

“Reverb laden vocals, building rhythms, and tons of emotion in every word”

“Dreamy, dark, seductive”

“Blending heavy doses of psychedlelia with sun-soaked melodies and huge, anthemic soundscapes”

“A perfect blend of heavier instrumentals and ghost like vocals… there’s something addictive about lead singer Ross Gilfillan’s vocals.”