Sunday, December 30, 2012

last post of 2012.
our existence didn't end.

we're playing some shows during austin's annual free week in january.
we're playing mohawk indoors january 3rd and 22nd.
we have a show on january 11th at The Blackheart with The Sour Notes and Frank Smith.

we're still waiting for our vinyl. our test pressings were a bit bunk so we're hoping mid january we can start shipping them out to you who have ordered them. thanks for your patience!

here are some blogs that have said good things about our 7" and our upcoming 10" ep Aquarena 

an interview with Music Radar

Earthsky used our song Shipwrecked on their show

Whollyroller's top releases of 2012! 

My Old Kentucky Blog - "Euphoric psych-pop with new fangs and focus"

The Pigeon Note - "You can feel the warmth of the Texan sun seep through"

Loud Horizon - “Blending heavy doses of psychedlelia with sun-soaked melodies"

Abacus - "There’s something addictive about lead singer Ross Gilfillan’s vocals”

Alfitude - "Dreamy, dark, seductive"

Supajam - "Widescreen music of the best kind"

KUT radio - "Warm and shimmering in what I can only describe as the colors of bliss”

Sociopaths are glam 

Ryan's Smashing Life